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Wednesday 16th January 2019


January 2019


Happy New Year from everyone at the school. Without wishing to be too gloomy this newsletter starts with information on two important seasonal issues; Winter Weather and Sickness.


Winter Weather


Whenever possible it is the policy of schools across the council to stay open during periods of winter weather.  Occasionally, the school does need to close, in which case procedures are detailed below.


If the school closes before the start of the school day:


* Listen for reports on local radio or check the council website /Facebook/Twitter


If the school has to close during a school day:


* All parents will be informed either through group call or phone call and be asked to come and pick up their children as soon as they can make arrangements to do so. 


* All children will be kept safely at school with an adult until picked by an adult.


* No children will be allowed to walk home alone in dangerous weather.


* If parents feel it is not safe to send children to school they should keep them at home and inform the school of their decision.


* If parents become concerned during the day about safe travel they can pick up their children up at any time.




See table overleaf for details regarding when and for how long children should be kept off school. Remember that after a period of sickness and diarrhoea children should be kept off school for 48 hours after the last bout of sickness.









                                  Period of Exclusion



           Household Contacts

Scarlet Fever

Can return 24 hours after commencing appropriate antibiotic treatment

No exclusion


Until 4 days after appearance of rash

No exclusion

Whooping Cough

Until 21 days from onset of cough

No exclusion


Until 5 days after onset of rash

No exclusion

German Measles

Until 6 days from onset of rash

No exclusion


Until swelling has subsided

(5 days minimum)

No exclusion


Until medically certified fit to return

Until medically certified fit to return.

Enteric Fever and  Gastro Intestinal Infections

Until medically certified fit to return. Usually 48hours after the last incidence of sickness.

Until medically certified fit to return

Infective Hepatitis (Jaundice)

Until 7 days after onset of jaundice

No exclusion

Impetigo, Ringworm and Scabies

Can attend school if receiving medical treatment

No exclusion


Peace Garden


This year the children will work on developing a ‘Peace garden’ around the new outdoor classroom. We are looking for donations to help us and any of the following will be very gratefully received.


* Tractor tyres ( for use as raised beds)


* Plants – lavender, rosemary, thyme – soft fruits raspberries/blackcurrants (particularly autumn fruiting)


* Logs – to use as seating and edging


* Pallets


* Manure ( well rotted)


Please contact the office if you can provide any of these things.


Respect Week Feb 25th to 1st March


As part of our Health and Wellbeing programme we will spend this week  focusing on respect for one another in the classroom,  on the playground and in the wider community. We will learn how to deal with conflict and form positive relationships . Activities will include:


* Visits from the Community Warden / Police


* Talks on internet safety and cyber bullying 


* Exploring strategies which could be used to overcome playground difficulties


* Traditional playground games


* Reviewing the school anti-bullying policy ( in line with Dumfries and Galloway’s latest guidelines)


* Reviewing the positive behaviour policy with the children.


Do you have any suggestions/ideas for Respect Week?  Please either return this slip at the end of the newsletter, or let us know through the office.




Please remember to get your children to school on time (9:15).  Children arriving late are disruptive to the rest of the children in school and punctuality is an important life lesson to learn.




A couple of reminders:


  • We try to keep school uniform as simple as possible.  Children should not, for example, be wearing hoodie tops/ brightly coloured trainers at school.  Any child wearing an inappropriate jumper at school time is asked to take it off.

  • Winter Coats – we try to get out as much as we possibly can and the weather has to be very bad for us to decide to stay inside.  It is important therefore, that all childr4en come to school with a warm coat to wear outside.


Burns Lunch & Poetry


25th January is Burns’ Lunch, that day the menu will be haggis, neeps and tatties or mince, neeps and tatties.  Well done to the children who have been learning their Scots poems.  The winners from each year group will be reciting their poems at the Achievement Assembly on Friday 1st February.  Parents are welcome to come along and listen.




Each class has a small amount of homework given out each week.  The vast majority of children hand their homework in completed and on time.  For those children who do not finish their homework, teachers will ask the children to stay in either at a playtime or during Golden time to complete their homework.




The Primary 5 trip to Carlingwark takes place on 1st and 2nd of April. A letter with further details will be coming out soon.






Diary Dates


Looking ahead here are some important dates you may like to write in your diary…




  • Tues 22nd – P1 School Nurse Visit (am)

  • Fri 25th – Burns Lunch

  • Thurs 31st – Science Centre Visit @ school




  • Fri 1st – 2.30pm Achievement Assembly – all welcome

  • Tues 12th – Rag Bag Collection

  • Wed 20th – Tempest Photography visit for school photos (am) *more info to follow

  • Thurs 21st/Fri 22nd – Inset Day – School closed to pupils

  • Mon 25th – Pupils return to school

  • Thurs 28th – P1 & P7 Dental Inspections (am)




  • Thurs 7th – Rotary Quiz *more info to follow

  • Fri 15th – Red Nose Day *more info to follow

  • Wed 20th – P5-7 Rugby Session with Mr John Muir (for 3 weeks)




  • Mon 1st/Tues 2nd - P5 Carlingwark Activities & OverNight stay *more info to follow

  • Fri 5th – Easter Service *more info to follow

  • Fri 5th – Last Day Term for Easter Holidays

  • Tues 23rd – Return to school for pupils & staff Term 4












Suggestions/Ideas for Respect Week








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