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Friday 31st  August 2018





August 2018



School Improvement Plan


The main features of this year’s school improvement plan are outlined below.  Please get in touch if you would like to know more.


  1. Science - A consistent science programme to be developed for children across the school. Science will be taught as a discreet subject across the school year.  All schools feeding into Kirkcudbright Academy will follow the same programme of work in science.

  2. Improved Understanding of the Language of learning  - Children will be more skilled at recognising what they need to do well in order to succeed.  Pupils will have more opportunities to share their work with each other and discuss what has worked well/not worked well.

  3. All children to have opportunities for 30 minutes of aerobic activity per day (through Daily Mile, Brain Breaks, Play times, Fit4Fun activities and PE).  Links to be made between good diet, good health and quality of school work.

  4. Improve children’s ability to express themselves clearly Talking, Listening and Questioning programme (TLQ) and Lego Therapy

  5. Increased use of outdoors for learning.  Use of new outdoor classroom and development of school garden. 

  6. Reading recovery programme to enable all children to achieve success in reading




Adele Scrimshaw is the school’s new Learning Support teacher.  She will be working in Gatehouse and Twynholm schools on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Mrs Carson will be taking Mrs Scott’s Class on Tuesdays (a morning then a full day on alternate weeks).


Mrs MacPhee will be taking the RCCT for Mrs Connor and Mrs Maxwell’s classes every Tuesday.


Mr Cunningham will be in school for Fit4Fun on Thursday and Friday mornings.



Achievement Assemblies


We will continue to hold one Achievement Assembly per month whenever possible.  Please send in your child with any achievements we could celebrate together, anything from baking a cake to climbing Ben Nevis. The first Assembly this year is on Friday 7th September at 2.45pm.


House Captains/ TIG/Group JRSO


Well done to all the children who stood for election for the posts in school this year. 


This year’s House Captains and Vice Captains are:


Whinyeon: Luci Cairnie and Ian McMillan


Beeches: Anna Ingram and Jethro Grounsell


Tarff: Brooke Crane and Conor Irvine


Dhoon: Noah Crudgington and Chloe Douglas


The Twynholm Initiative Group:


Callum McDougall, Isabel D’haen, Ben Maxwell, Alister Patterson, Anna Bella Bayes,


Mackenzie Clark & Ava Poppy Lappin


JRSO (Junior Road Safety Officer):


Lana Crane & Arthur Bolland


World of Work Week – 8th-12th October 2018


This was a really successful week last time we held it three years ago.  During the week we aim to give the children an understanding of the wide variety of types of work people do in this area.  Each class will be visiting a different place of work and we would like as many parents as possible who are available to come in and talk about their jobs to come into school.  More details will follow.




  1. Remember to regularly check your child’s hair for head lice.

  2. Any child who has sickness and diarrhoea should be kept off school for 48 hours after the last incident of either. 

  3. Write your child’s name inside their clothing.

  4. Homework for P2-7 is given out to all children on Mondays and should be returned on Thursdays.  For P1 homework please check homework diaries for due dates.



Fit 4 Fun/PEF funding


Pupil Equity Funding this year will be used to continue with the Fit4Fun programme.  Each class will have a variety of different activities on offer across the school year. Colleagues from the National Health Service will also be taking part establishing the link between health, good food and exercise for all the children.


PEF funding will also be used to fund a reading recovery programme for those children who need extra help to develop their reading skills.


Parent Council 


There will be a school/community barbecue in the school grounds on the evening of Friday 14th September.  More details will follow.


The Parent Council are asking for donations of bottles for a bottle stall – if you have anything you wish to donate please hand into school over the next couple of weeks.  Parent Council are also thinking on putting on an obstable course/mini mudder and for this to go ahead would need donations of some haybales and tyres.  Please let school know if you can help with this!


Twynholm Church Bi-centenary


This weekend the church is celebrating it’s bi-centenary.  There is a special service on Sunday afternoon and an exhibition on the history of the church will be on display.  The children will be visiting the church on Monday morning.


School Term & Holidays Dates


Please find listed below all the term & holidays dates for this school year for your information:


Current school year (2018/19)


Term 1
Teacher training - Friday 17 and Monday 20 August 2018
First day - Tuesday 21 August 2018
Last day - Friday 12 October 2018


Autumn holiday - Monday 15 to Friday 26 October 2018


Term 2
First day - Monday 29 October 2018
Last day - Friday 21 December 2018


Christmas holiday - Monday 24 December 2018 to Friday 4 January 2019


 Term 3
First day - Monday 7 January 2019
Teacher training - Thursday 21 and Friday 22 February 2019
Last day - Friday 5 April 2019
Teacher training - Monday 8 April 2019


Spring holiday - Monday 8 to Monday 22 April 2019


Term 4
First day - Tuesday 23 April 2019
May Day holiday - Monday 6 May 2019
Last day - Friday 28 June 2019


Summer holiday - Monday 1 July 2019 to Tuesday 20 August 2019


Years 2019/2020, 2020/21, 2021/22 are also available on the Council Website:


These are updated on the school website aswell –  


School Uniform


Mugshots in Kirkcudbright is now known as Banks & Braes and has moved location to St Cuthbert Street in Kirkcudbright.




Attached is a behaviour agreement we have discussed with the children at the start of this term.  Please could you read through the agreement with your child, sign it together and then return to the class teacher.


Christmas Pantomime


We have provisionally booked the Fullarton Theatre for 17th December for the Pantomime (Snow-white this year).  Tickets for the show cost £6.  To save on the costs of transport we are asking parents to transport their children to the show and to pick them up at the end.  Teaching staff will be present at the theatre to take care of the children during the performance.


Please can you return the slip at the end of this newsletter if you would be interested in your child (ren) attending the show.  If there any difficulties with finance or transport and you would like your child to attend, please get in touch with the school.



Diary Dates


Looking ahead here are some important dates you may like to write in your diary…




  • Mon 3rd  - Mobile Library Visit – remember books/cards! Last one to borrow books

  • Thurs 6th – Tradition Youth Music Visits will begin for P3-7 and conftuire for 12 weeks

  • Thurs 6th – Primary Area Netball Squad Session for P6/7 (forms have gone out for pupils taking part)

  • Fri 7th – Achievement Assembly @ 2.45pm – All welcome!

  • Thurs 13th – Community Safety Team Project with TIG Group (am)

  • Mon 17th - Afterschool Fit4Fun Twirls & Burls P4-7 3.15 – 4pm (Week 1)

  • Wed 19th – Mini Triathlon Event @ Kirkcudbright P4-7 (more info to follow)

  • Mon 24th - Mobile Library Visit – remember books – this will be final visit

  • Mon 18th - Afterschool Fit4Fun Twirls & Burls P4-7 3.15 – 4pm (Week 2)

  • Fri 28th – McMillan Coffee Morning (more info to follow)




  • Mon 1st - Afterschool Fit4Fun Twirls & Burls P4-7 3.15 – 4pm (Week 3)

  • Fri 5th – Flu Immunisations

  • Mon 8th - Afterschool Fit4Fun Twirls & Burls P4-7 3.15 – 4pm (Week 4 – final week)

  • Thurs 11th – Learning Conversation Evening (more info to follow)

  • Fri 12th – Harvest Assembly (more info to follow)

  • Fri 12th – Last Day of term

  • Mon 15th – Fri 26th – October Holidays for Pupils & Staff

  • Mon 29th – Pupils & Staff Return - Term 2

  • Tues 30th – Fire Service Safety talk P5/6/7




  • Fri 2nd – Achievement Assembly @ 2.45pm – All welcome!

  • Mon 12th – Curriculum Evening (more info to follow)

  • Fri 16th – Children in Need (more info to follow)

  • Thurs 22nd – Rotary Youth Speaks (more info to follow)

  • Fri 30th – Christmas Fayre (more info to follow)




  • Thurs 6th – Christmas Show (more info to follow)

  • Fri 7th – Achievement Assembly @ 2.45pm – All welcome!

  • Mon 17th – Christmas Panto – Snow White at Fullerton Theatre

  • Wed 19th – Chistmas Party (more info to follow)

  • Fri 21st – Christmas Service (more info to follow)

  • Fri 21st – Last day of term for Christmas Holidays






Twynholm Primary School Behaviour Agreement




Twynholm School – Treating Everybody with Respect.






Our Learning:


  1. Co-operate with others and listen to their ideas

  2. Always try your best and be proud of your work

  3. Take part in all activities and lessons

  4. Make good use of your time – be busy and always have something to do.

  5. Share all your achievements, including those out of school

  6. Never give up – if you need help ask.




Our Behaviour:


  1. Respect everything and everyone in school

  2. Always show good manners

  3. Play safely on the playground

  4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

  5. Think before you speak – be kind and respectful with your words

  6. Be honest and take responsibility for your actions






Pupil signature: ______________________




Parent signature: ____________________












Christmas Pantomime Return Slip


I would like my child/ren _____________________________ to attend the pantomime at Fullarton Theatre on December 17th.


Number of tickets: _______         I enclose payment of _____________ (£ 6 per ticket)


Signed: _____________________________ Date:  _____________