Twynholm Primary School Parent Forum


Minutes of Parent Council Meeting


12 November 2019




Present: John Riley (Head Teacher), Sarah Crudgington (Chair), Clair Baxter (Treasurer), Joanne McMillan (Secretary), Dawn Anderson, Gail Boland, Kelly Lappin, Lisa Maxwell, Marian MacArthur, Alison Patterson, Jo Porter.




  1. Apologies: Julie Graham, Claire Ingram, Gill Wallace.

  2. Minutes of previous meeting accepted as a true representation.

  3. School BBQ:

    Agreed this was a very successful and enjoyable event. The BBQ raised £2007. Bank account now holds £2,900. Thank you letters have been sent.

  4. Spending of Funds:

                    Pupils have requested new netball nets and a new slide for the playground.

                    John Riley suggested previous request for whiteboard should be put on hold until pupil numbers have been                 finalised for next year.  If we drop to a 2 teacher school additional whiteboard would be available in 3rd              classroom.

                    Extra laptops and tablets are always a useful resource.

                    Possibly save some of the funds for end of year school trip – Glasgow science museum as a possible venue if             there are enough funds for this.

                    Mr Riley will price cost of netball nets and new slide. Agreed application could be made to Tesco for funding               of slide – Gill Wallace to complete application.

                    It was agreed licence should be renewed for holding raffles. Claire Baxter to organise payment.

    5       Christmas coffee morning:

    To be held on the morning of Monday 2nd December.  This will be more of a social event than a fundraiser – tea& coffee, childrens christmas crafts. Any funds raised towards school funds.

    Christmas tea-towels: Cost to produce 50 @ £2 each or 100 @ £1.70 each. Children could complete drawings Friday 15th Nov during golden time.

    6. Christmas Play

    To be held Wednesday 13th December.

    Kelly, Dawn & Marian – volunteered to help backstage on the night.

    Other volunteers required to help on the door/raffle ticket sales.

    Donations will be requested from parents for Christmas hamper.

    Box will be left in Galloways garage shop for hamper donations - Lisa

    Kelly will assemble hampers.


    7.Christmas Service:

                    This will be held on Friday 20th December and followed with tea & coffee.


    8.Upcoming Meetings:

    D&G Parent Council Forum: Thursday 21st Nov, 7pm, CD High School.

    Marian will attend to represent school parent council.


                    Twynholm Community Council: Next Meeting 5th Dec.

                    Dawn will attend to represent school parent council. Mr Riley to produce report from school for the council.                Anyone else interested encouraged to attend.


    9. Educational Services Transformational News:

                    From the list of proposed changes the three most likely to impact Twynholm Primary School:

                    1. School Kitchen: If we drop below 51 pupils only 2 hot meals will be offered per week.

                    2. Reduced class contact time.

                    3. Reduced support for learning.


    It was highlighted the cuts that have already been made to music, arts and languages.  Parent council should be investigating funding available from outside agencies to address these cuts.


    10. London Trip:

                    Joint trip with Gatehouse of Fleet Primary School for P6 & P7 in 2020.

                    Sarah to attend fundraising meeting – suggested ideas for fundraising events include bingo night, race          night, “Ready, Steady, Cook”, Quiz.


    9. AOB

    Peace Garden: A maintenance plan is in place. Mrs Connor responsible for outdoor education on alternate weeks.

     11. Next Meeting: Parent Council Meeting: Thursday 16th January, 3.15pm

    12. Close of Meeting: SC thanked everyone for attending and meeting was closed.