Twynholm Primary School Parent Forum


Minutes of Parent Council Annual General Meeting


27 April 2015






Present:                       John Riley (Head Teacher), Heather Taveren (Chair), Kirsty Ingram (Vice Chair), Susanne Powell (Secretary), Sarah Crudgington, Helen Friedrichsen, Damon Grounsell, Sharon King, Kelly Lappin, Lisa Maxwell, Alison Patterson


  1. Apologies: Nicola Forsyth.  No Elected Members were invited.

  2. Minutes of 2014 AGM Minutes: Acceptance as a true representation proposed by HT and seconded by KL. 

  3. Chair’s Report: As attached. 

    1. Treasurer’s Report: HT gave a summary report based on the update provided by the immediate past Treasurer who resigned once his children left the school, thereby invalidating his eligibility for the role.  The Grant account currently stands at £364 with three transactions in the past period.  The Fundraising account currently stands at £1660.45 with seven transactions in the past period.

  4. Head Teacher’s Report: JR has now been in his role of Joint Head of Gatehouse Primary and Twynholm Primary for one year.

    1. There are currently 57 pupils in school with ten due to leave at the end of term and eight new pupils to start in August.  The school will remain a three-teacher school and the current three teachers will continue in their present roles. 

    2. In line with the school’s School Improvement Plan (SIP) there has been an increased focus on reading with special emphasis made on what children read and the meaning of what they are reading.  Reading is slotted into every school day and whilst resources are in short supply, JR is confident the situation will improve through having the Mobile Library visiting the school along with (hopefully) successful grant applications.  He is delighted to report that here is already a noticeable improvement in reading throughout the school.

    3. In line with the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) the school has now completed its three-year program and as part of the encouragement to make children make links between their Experiences and Outcomes (Es&Os), the CfE Rationale “Tree” has been introduced (a copy of this was recently sent home).  Children now receive a leaf when their behavior is in line with elements of the tree, especially the “soil” elements.

    4. The new anti-bullying policy has been implemented and JR is grateful for the input and support from the children, parents and staff.

    5. Personal Learning Plans (PLPs) are ongoing and encourage children to reflect on what they’ve achieved, what they are currently working on and what they are going to do and achieve next.

    6. As part of the Global Citizenship element of CfE, JR is delighted that the proposed London trip is definitely going to happen as the required 36 children have signed up.

    7. The Juniper Program for P7’s as part of their transition to the Academy has been very successful in giving the children relaxation and mindfulness techniques.  So much so, the children are very keen to pass their knowledge on to the rest of the school!

    8. Bagpipe lessons have begun with pupils from GoFPS coming to TPS, which makes a nice change from having TPS pupils travelling to GoFPS for shared activities.

    9. D&G Council is threatening to undertake major building works at TPS over the summer, namely the toilets, dining hall and roof.

    10. JR reported that, for the staff, the most beneficial aspect of the first year of twinning has been the ability to form working parties between the two schools to enable quick implementation of new ideas.

    11. JR stated how very proud he is of the way TPS pupils present themselves, both out of school and to visitors. 

    12. JR reported that he feels very lucky to have such a great team of teachers, who work well together and are thoughtful, caring and constantly seeking to improve the school. 

    13. The most popular comment JR hears from visitors is, “Lovely school” and he is very appreciative of how the teachers, parents and pupils have supported him over the past year, especially through the more difficult times.

    14. AP asked JR about the induction days for nursery pupils.  JR confirmed the dates will be issued by the end of this week and that Mrs Connor will be visiting the pupils in their nursery during the coming term.

  5. Appointment of New Office Bearers: HT, KI, EC and SP are all half-way through their two year term of office as Chair, Vice Chair, Co-Opted Member and Secretary respectively.   HT, KI and SP were equally happy to either stay in post or stand down should someone else wish to hold the post. 

    1. HT, KI and SP re-elected unopposed. EC is still to confirm whether she wishes to stay on as Co-Opted Member.  

    2. Appointment of Treasurer.  SK volunteered to stand for Treasurer. She was duly proposed for PC membership and for Treasurer by LM and seconded by SP.   HT thanked her for taking on this role.

  6. Election of New Council Members: Sarah Crudgington and Helen Friedrichsen duly elected unopposed as new PC members.

  7. AOB:

    1. Fundraising: It was agreed that no major fundraising event is to be undertaken this term.  The PC normally funds the annual school trip, but as this year it will be with GoFPS and will be to a local venue, no vast expense is expected other than the P1 and P2 swimming program.

      1.  KI suggested the Community Council may be willing to fund new books or the trip to London; SP said she would prefer they funded the books as this would benefit the whole school. JR to write to the Chair of the Community Council.

      2. Village Day on 13 June: A meeting will be held soon to discuss the possibility of hosting a tombola stall at this event.

    2. Outdoor Classroom: JR to research what happened to the money donated last year from the takings at the Coulthard Museum and report back to HT for further action.

    3. Art Specialist and PE Specialist Lessons: KL was unsure how this worked now.  JR explained that each child has to receive a set amount of PE and Art time but the Specialists are only in school for a set period, and TPS now has to many pupils to accommodate the full lesson time with the Specialist in the time they are in school.  To accommodate the restrictions, TPS operate a rolling program to ensure every pupil receives time with the Specialist Teachers.  When it is not a class’ turn for the Specialist Teacher, the class teacher provides the PE or Art time.  Class teachers are currently being ‘upskilled’ accordingly.  JR confirmed the Specialist Teachers are to continue to come to TPS through the 2015-16 year.

    4. Sexual Health and Relationships Lessons: JR asked the meeting’s advice on whether a letter should go home advising that this is to be a theme this term and will tie-in with the Chickens and Egg Hatching Project.  The meeting advised him a letter would be appreciated.  This subject will be taught in an age-appropriate manner.  

  8. Next Parent Council meeting: TBC but sometime in June 2015.  Date of the next AGM to be set at a later date.

  9. Close of Meeting: HT thanked everyone for attending and the meeting was closed.