Twynholm Primary School – Playground Behaviour Policy

We all have…

A Right To Play

What does this mean?

• We have regular play times outside at school

• Outside is a fun and safe place for us to play

• We sometimes get to play in class (when it is appropriate)

What are our responsibilities?

• We should be kind with our words and actions

• We should let others join in

• We should play by the rules

• We should respect other people’s play space

• We should share and look after playground equipment

• We should be welcoming to new children and visitors

• We should listen to the adult on the playground

What are the outcomes if we are not responsible?

• Remember to try and sort out any problems yourself first

• You will be reminded of your responsibilities and asked to stop the behaviour that is causing upset

• If the behaviour continues you will be asked to sit on the bench for 5 minutes

• If there is still a problem miss next break

• If your behaviour is continually spoiling other children’s play time it might be necessary to have separate breaks