I would like to extend a warm and friendly welcome from Twynholm Primary School. 

Our school is situated at the edge of Twynholm village bordered by the countryside and views of the local hills and farms. The old school building is made from traditional stone surrounded by a very large playing field, garden and playground where pupils can enjoy the maximum playing space.

Although our building is traditional our school is well equipped with modern technology accessible to all pupils. In line with our school motto we aim to expand the children's minds and to help every child discover their potential. Our school rationale sets out the broad and varied education we offer to the children at Twynholm.

Twynholm is a friendly, caring school. Parents are always welcomed into school.  We operate an open door policy before and after school. We value the strong relationships that we have with our parents. Education is a partnership between pupils, teachers and parents. Together, we can make your child's memories of school days at Twynholm happy ones, as each child is nurtured and encouraged to become a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen and an effective contributor.

John Riley (Head teacher)